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Met up with Ian today to continue calibrating his age... Or as you humans say "celebrating his birthday".

Met at Westminster Tube and rushed headlong into the nearest pub. It was a good pub, good beer, no TV (big screen or otherwise), no music.*

Then we headed for the cabinet war rooms. Which took up 2 hours... Lots to look at. Rather impressed by all the 1940s telecommunications equipment... Much of it very familiar to me even though I was working in that field in the 1980s... Wish I'd kept some of the old stuff I pulled out of buildings. I could of had a 1930s distribution frame in the hall.

After a full on dose of 1940s war time secrets, we needed more beer. Ian had scouted out yet another rather good pub. The Speaker... This one even had a poster in the window proclaiming "No big screen TV and no music"... Most impressed! They even had porter on tap.

Ian had to get home to continue calibrating his age with Gemma, and I wasn't keen on being crammed onto the 5:33 to Teddington... so I perambulated along Victoria Embankment in the direction of the mighty Treadwells. Found myself a corner and watched while Christina and Paul unpacked a ton of rather cool mystical goodies. I may just have to get one of those little cast iron cauldrons.

In other news.
Post brought more confusion from utility company demanding money that I have all ready paid... I will call tomorrow and see just how confused they are. Funny thing is they actually owe money to my uncle's estate, not the other way round. I may record the phone call for my records.

Tomorrow night I am back at Treadwells for Dr Neale Monks lecture on the folklore of fossils. I have a morning appointment in Bloomsbury then I'm at a bit of a loose end until 7pm... Hmmm may take in the odd gallery or two.

And so to bed.

*I really should explain how I feel about music some time because some people think I don't like music because I don't like it on in the background.

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