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Went to see Control this afternoon with Dave.

Bloody brilliant! And very depressing.

Strange to see a band that I've seen in real life recreated on the silver screen.

I never gave much thought to the personal life of Joy Division... Had I ever pondered on JD at home, I think I would of imagined them living in a big derelict warehouse, not a 2up, 2down in Macclesfield. I guess that's the impression their music gave me, post industrial landscapes with people lost in the vastness of it all.

I got stranded in Guildford going to see JD, this was before I had my first car and my dad wouldn't let me borrow his car at night as I'd only just passed my test (very wise in retrospect). I think I got a lift there with Alex from the record shop I worked at... vague memories... well it was 28 years ago.

First time I heard Atmosphere (released after Ian's death) I cried.... soppy sod that I am.

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