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Oh dear... no sleep for me. I had been looking for this web page for a while and now I have found it again my head is all full of keyboard mapping. I have been thinking about my steampunk computer. I really want to get on with it... It's still a box of components and a lot of ideas in my head. One of the things I had been pondering was the keyboard. I do not want to just stick old typewriter keys on to a modern keyboard... Too easy, and if the keys fail I want to be able to replace the switches as individual units... however the cheapest good switches will cost just over £1 each... That means just the switches alone would cost over £100... I guess I could get a discount for bulk buying but it still makes it a blimming expensive keyboard.

I think I should go to bed now... I think I won't be leaving at 4am... Unless I am still wide awake at 4am.


3:05am now and I just found this software. It looks just the thing to help map the keyboard controller.

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