Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Good grief! It seems so noisy here after Cornwall. I could swear someone's pinched the double-glazing, either that or my hearing has gone hyper sensitive.

Watched Royal Flash tonight on DVD. I am persuaded to read the books (not sure if I read one or two in the past) also must look up a biography of Lola Montez.

Lots to deal with on Monday. Parcels to collect (import duty to pay), need to pay the balance on the funeral and get the bill to the solicitor, write yet more letter explaining that my uncle is dead and no longer needs insurance, gas, water, electricity.

At some point I need to start cataloguing the books I have in the hall with a view to sell them, I doubt I will have time before Whitby, but will try and make a start tomorrow.

And so to bed...

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