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Feeling pretty rough this morning.

I need to get out and get some supplies and take forms of doom to solicitor. but I am feeling somewhat worse for wear. Whitby flu is in full swing and it feels as if someone has packed my head with a pillow. But I am plodding on need to do these forms which seem even more confusing today than they did yesterday... Figure I had better do them today otherwise tomorrow they will make no sense at all.

Just when you think you know your new trajectory in life, new information gets uploaded to the navagation system. Hmmm.... it's a pretty ropey navagation system at the best of times. What is the old fool on about now?

In other news...

I keep finding clocks showing the wrong time. I had no idea how many clocks.

I had a dream last night that I got Raven (my 1960 VW beetle) back... but she was now a 1950s Rover. I expect an explanation from nemesis_to_go who does have a 1950s Rover.

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