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Tonight Uncle Nemesis and I are going to church, for some difficult music.... in the guise of JG Thirlwell’s Manorexia. Pause for cries of "Who?" from the musically challenged. Just nod knowingly and google it later. Which incidentally is what I do when people mention meaningless names (in that "they are really famous you should know them" sort of way) in conversation to me. 9 times out of 10 when I do google these meaningless names they turn out to be footballers or pop singers, which leaves me wondering why I bothered.

But back to tonight's entertainment... It seems somehow wrong to be having such a mundane day ahead of this. I should get all the domestic stuff out of the way (or ignore it completely) and head into town early for some serious art fix and get my head on a higher plane in readiness for the music.

I also wanted to pop into Treadwells this afternoon. Last couple of visits have been "hello, bye" as I whizzed past.

Now I just have to go and find my car because I am not entirely sure where I left it the other night, and it seems it's not the sort of thing google knows.

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