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Thanks to chyldecatcher for giving me the "heads up" on this one.

There are a number of stray cats on the 2012 London Olympic site they are in danger of starvation or being crushed to death.

This from the Celia Hammond Animal Trust Web Site.

Olympic Delivery Authority (O.D.A) claims that they are working closely with C.H.A.T and that they will notify C.H.A.T if kittens, lactating or pregnant cats are seen.
They are reassuring the public by letter, email, telephone and in their own Newsletter (Issue 3, November 2007), that "The ODA is working closely with the Celia Hammond Trust to capture these cats and move them off the site and into new homes."


Being banned from the Olympic site is hardly conducive to a good working relationship and no pregnant or lactating cats have been reported to us by the O.D.A. In fact, they recently prevented us from rescuing a pregnant feral cat.
Out of the 157 cats and kittens that C.H.A.T has already rescued, only 5 cats have been reported to us by the O.D.A.

This is the link if you want to sign the on-line petition

There are also some address of relevant people to write to to ask politely that the C.H.A.T. team be permitted to carry out the rescue work. Work Olympic Delivery Authority claim they are being permitted to do.

I see elsewhere is already talk of boycotting campaign of Olympic sponsors products should this rescue work still be hindered by the O.D.A. This will probably carry more weight than anything else because at the end of the day it all comes down to money with these people. I will find out more on this campaign should it become necessary.

I've signed the petition and written to:
David Higgins, Chief Executive, Olympic Delivery Authority

The Rt. Hon. Tessa Jowell M.P

Lord Sebastian Coe, Olympic Delivery Authority

John Armitt CBE, Chairman

Also if anyone is thinking of getting a new cat or kitten any time soon... C.H.A.t. are looking to home those cats they have managed to rescue from the site.

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