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Le Weekend and beyond...

Saturday night went to see bands in Camden. Well that's not entirely true... Mostly it was about seeing friends... but the bands came a close second to friends. I decided to drive to Camden, due to the madness of closing off the railway on a Saturday. The government should had the entire rail network over to Hornby. This proved to be the right choice because I was in Camden in half an hour and found a parking space right away.

I sallied forth to check out the Dev and see if any of the rumours were true. There I found a friendly welcome from a chap with dreadlocks behind the bar, and a few familiar faces dotted around the freshly painted establishment. I settled down with a bottle of Hobgoblin (I note there were quite a few people drinking Hobgoblin). At this point I was beginning to regret bringing the car, and really didn't want to have to switch to coke for the rest of the night, but being a responsible chap I did. Good to see the posters still on the ceiling (some printed by Uncle Nemesis, not a lot of people know that). The floor has been either cleaned or more likelier scrubbed or even sanded. So it's no longer that wall to wall sticky patch. Unfortunately the gents is still horrible. I have been reliably informed that the flattering graffiti in the ladies, about yours truly, is still there (but still inaccurate as I'm really not that supple these days).

Moved on to Wagamama for eats with Franjelica and friends. I realised this was right next to the spot where a few years ago some twit threatened to stab me in the face... How that road has changed. Actually a few interesting incidents have happened down that road to me.

Then I wandered over the the Underworld to partake of bands. I think I must have missed the first couple of bands, which is a pity because I've never heard of either and it's the "never heard 'em" bands which interest me the most. Seems The Faces of Sarah have split and this was their last gig, hmmm.... haven't they said that before?

All Living Fear on the other hand are not splitting... Matt is one of the the last guitarists still to do windmills, and I believe he has had a grade 2 preservation order slapped on his windmill. And if English Heritage find out about his proposed duck walk, he'll be stuck perambulating like that for the rest of his life.

I rather enjoyed Ghost of Lemora's set... Could some one please remind me where and when I last saw GoL?

The rest of the evening I spent hobnobbing with the rich, famous, and glamorous.

Sunday... Went to Bletchley Park with Ian and James (hardcore geek fest). The only trouble we found with Bletchley Park is there just isn't enough time to see everything. I doubt we even saw half of what's there. In the end we were running ahead of the guy who was locking up buildings. We will return... and admission gives you a year pass, so I guess they know there's too much to see in one day.

Monday (today)... Went down to Bournemouth to collect my new steam engine.... Wow! it's much bigger and heavier than I was expecting, which is a good thing because size does matter! I can't wait to get it running. Need some steam oil and a new burner though. Will order them tonight. My dream of a steam powered computer is coming closer to happening.

Tomorrow... Health permitting (I have the on set of man flu) I'm taking a car load of magazines to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway... Via a glazier who is in the middle of nowhere, reason why? Roger Moore is hitching a ride with me because he needs to replace some 150 year old glass in his front door.

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