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Best weekend since...

Hmmm... Well thinking about it I guess it's the best weekend since I was in Seattle.

Friday Dinner at Pink Witch Towers.

Saturday... Drove to Holborn for VC Crimbo dinner, then packed the car with merry makers and took them with me to Invocation. Stayed right till the end. Dropped off Dave and (a very nonsensical) Andy off then ended up drinking coffee and talking till dawn with pinkwitch2000 .

Sunday. Return to Pink Witch Towers to finish off Friday's surplus lasagna... Yum! Stayed off the coffee due to probably consuming way too much the night before.

Now it's Monday... I am awake and wondering what to do with my self.
I may wander up the café and see if I can manage a coffee.

Tonight I am over at nemesis_to_go's place, burning a ton of paperwork. There's way too much to shred... and the authorities are closing in ;-)

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