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More kitchen blitzing today, a trip to my unit, lunch with ian_wyrdness , then the dump The People's Recycling Centre Number 2765... then I kind of forget... but it involved wondering around with a shopping list that couldn't be filled. This is typical for me, I go to the shops knowing exactly what I want, and they don't have it or only in pink.

Grish cooked tonight and tthen in a moment of madness I decided all the things we needed for the kitchen could be obtained from Ikea... So off we went. We left Ikea around 10:30pm laden down with all sorts of stuff, but nothing from the list. So, after a mostly wasted detour via Tesco, we got home at midnight.

I'm going to have a couple of glasses of red wine and read for an hour or two. Then back to the big flat blitz tomorrow.

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