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Got quite a few things done today despite getting up at midday. Had set the alarm for 9 but got up turned on the radio and went back to bed for three hours.

Eventually got it together to go out. thought I'd go visit Bunny P and Uncle Nem. Tried to drive there... Forgot about there being rugby today. Took half an hour just to get to a place where I could turn around and get home. Got out my bike and tried again. Oooo! Stiff leg misery. Didn't get to see much of Bunny as she was having her Power Mac fixed. Unx's mum was over and it was good to see her, although what she made of Unx's and my conversation I don't know. One bit of relief, Unx has booked train tickets and hotel for Leeds trip.

I decided to head back as I don't have my lights on the bike. Ride back was so much easier. Although I'm feeling it now and going to jump into a hot bath soon.

Having got home all fired up on exercise I decided to start on the wiring up of the new very, very expensive light switches. First step take off old switches... (after pulling fuse) and find the wall box is the wrong type. OK no problem I'll just pull it out...


There's about 5 types of filler in the wall and it all pops out as one lump. Now I'm stuck until I can get a new wall box tomorrow. Think I may need some filler too. This puts the painting back another day and I may not be feeling to good tomorrow after cycling today. I can feel pain in my legs getting worse even as I write this... ARSE! One step forward, two steps back.

Still feel good about getting out today and I did get quite a bit done this evening.


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