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Wait in for 3 days for a parcel... Then two turn up at once.

DAB radio arrived but no present for The Witch of Pinkness So I stood over them while they sorted through the whole van. As I suspected Parcel Farce are contracting out in my area (to a right pair of muppets). After 10 mins of hunting I popped in and grabbed my mp3 player to recorded their excuse ("it must have been lost at the depot"). Will be interesting to see what Parcel Farce have to say about this. At least Kermit and Gonzo found eventually the parcel... If I hadn't made them look they would of driven off with it.

Oh and the parcel was clearly addressed. Printed with Parcel Farce barcode as well.

At least I can go out now... Oh! Hang on I have to wait in for the new mobile phone to arrive. Nah I'm not waiting any more and I was only really concerned about the birthday present.

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