Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I really should be going to bed.

Had a chat with Dr Paul tonight... I really want to get over to the US to see him and Adrienne. However having just paid my tax and a big lump off the old credit card (most of that was due to living off the card after expense of my uncle funeral cleaned me out)... I am a little worried about spending any more money, however I am about to check flights to D.C. and Richmond.

Spent way too long working on the map that will be forming the face for my 24 hour globe clock. I've tried to explain the concept to a few people but I'm not very good at getting the idea across, watch this blog for photos once it's finished. I need to adapt a 24 hour clock movement to run in reverse, this is so my map will spin in the same direction as the earth. Sometimes I wonder why I can't be like the mundane and just buy a clock from the shop, hang it on the wall, job done.

And so to bed.

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