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Woke up at 5am this morning. Had one of those "what's it all about?" moments, that lasted 2 hours laying in the dark. I did my usual rerunning the last 3 years in my head. Decided in the end that enough was enough and got up when I heard Grish's alarm clock.

The cold that has been hovering in the background has taken a leap forward and I feel the onset of full blown "Man Flu" will only be a day or two away.

Yesterday went over to Sunny Surbiton to partake of an early lunch and a spot of charity shop browsing with glamgothruthy , it was just like the old days.

In the evening I met up with pinkwitch2000  for a Treadwells talk. Even got a prezzie :-)

Today is Andi's "become a subject of HM the Queen" day. I am going along to the ceremony and am intrigued to see what this citizen ceremony will involve. Kissing the Queen's slipper? I do hope they don't ask us to sing the national anthem.

Tonight I am off to Secret Chiefs to meet up with ian_wyrdness  .

In other news the company that is going to be repairing my video camera told me not to put it in the original box when packing it for collection... Because of "security reasons"... my quip that they didn't seem to trust their couriers didn't go down too well.

I see I have nearly filled up a 500gb drive with "stuff". Do I do some house keeping or get another one?

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