Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Today I...

Picked up my new glasses. Prescription sunglasses for driving.

Picked up 10 boxes for packing stuff away while I really blitz the flat.

Moved furniture around.

Went to the dump.

Had an argument with Parcel Farce... Wanted to pick up a parcel with no receipt or providing paperwork. Called the people who arrange collection and they said "write your own". Hmmm... I really wonder if that was a good idea. Since the tracking number went from "on route to hub" to "number not known" within an hour.

Booked my ticket for WGT. So I guess I really am going. I wonder if I really should travel with Uncle Nemesis or make my own plans... His plans seem a little chaotic right now.

Grish and I are off to Ikea later. I love late night shopping.

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