Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

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Project "Black" has come to a bit of a stalling point. Not least of all because of having to deal with my Uncle's Illness and death last year...

However I have decided to start working on it again. Last night I chased up the US company that was supposed to be sending some parts, the non arrival of has been the latest hold-up. It seems they were waiting until they had the whole order in stock before sending them off... and "Errr... well we just kind of forgot" Good news is they have the items in stock and are shipping them off to me and not charging for Shipping.

So in the next week or so I may actually be able to start adding a few goodies to this very empty case.

Watch this space

I should keep a list of all the parts I've obtained from the US either by post or hauled across the pond in my suitcase.

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