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Sat down with un bouteille de vin rouge to watch "Arsène Lupin" on DVD... However my plans were some scuppered by the DVD being only in French. I had assumed that "SOUS-TITRES" on the box would mean a few subtitles in one or two languages in common use these days. However it turned out to mean "French subtitles for deaf people wot read French". Luckily I had a back up film for my one night Festival de Film Français .... "Les Brigades du Tigre"... Which was jolly good: sword sticks, opera, evil Russians, voiture / bicyclette chases, shoot-outs, anarchists, love, sex and death all set in 1912 France.

Now do I rip "Arsène Lupin" along with the French subtitles and run the whole text file through translation software then put it back together and hope it makes some sort of sense.... or see if there's a version released in Canada (my second country of choice for my French film fix)? I really should learn French or give up watching French films.

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