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Up bright and early...

Have been working on the car. Noticed it's been over heating (was really bad last night when giving Dave a lift home). A cursory glance at the header tank made me think there was enough water in there. This morning I took a look in daylight and found the tank was dry, the line I could see was a tide mark of scum. Moral of the story is, when checking your water level do it in daylight and when the engine is cold, so you can stick your finger in the tank.

While I was out poking around the car I decided to take the indicator lamps out to try and clean out the green slime that was growing in them. One was really bad, because it's cracked. So I've sent off for a quote from a Rover spares (middle man) company, to see if I can get one cheap. I looked at ebay, however the only ones there are chav ones for boy-racers.

Just chased-up the company who are repairing my video camera. They tell me it will be sent out today and will be with me tomorrow. Yay! Pleased I'll have it back in time for Cornwall.

Really looking forward to getting away... I need time on me tod again (There's a voice in my head shouting "That's self indulgent cobblers!").

I now have to steel myself for a walk up to the bank. I swear it's getting harder and harder to get out. Which is something else I need to deal with ("More self indulgent cobblers!").

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