Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Just ordered a pair of side indicator lenses from ebay. Found them by a roundabout route, noticed a Landrover Defender down my road had the same lenses as my Rover 25. Did a search for "Landrover side indicators" and Ron's yer Auntie! Found 'em for a £5... not the £33 - £23 I was being quoted from dealers on The Parts Gateway.

In other news...
Once again I find myself waiting in for a delivery. I do wonder if I order all this stuff to give myself an excuse not to go out. This time it's my video camera being returned after repair... as it's Parcel Farce I do wonder if they'll find my place.

Projects have come to a grinding halt... Waiting for parts.

Went out to do the late night shopping at 2 am last night. Car seemed OK no overheating. I'll check the water again as soon as I get the delivery... Sods law will kick in if I pop out to the car and Parcel Farce will take the opportunity, in the 30 seconds I'm out the back, to pop a card through the door. Well it would be a real Rimmell LJ post without a moan about Parcel Farce;-)

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