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I need a holiday...

Tomorrow I'm off to Sunny Windy Cornwall ... Well Devon first.

Here's the plan... Just so the gods can laugh.

Get up at 4am.

Throw stuff in car.

Throw self in car.

Drive to Devon.

Possibly stopping for coffee on the way or dropping in to the café of weirdness once I get to Paignton. It's pretty strange I kid you not.

Drop round to Nora at a civilised hour. Looking forward to seeing her and Colin and the kids. Wander down to the harbour, eat chips, visit small bookshop.

Drive further west and drop in on matthewnorth for coffee. Later, head even further west to drop in on suetekh

Drive west until just before I drop off the country and stay in isolated cottage on my own for a week. Occasionally dropping in on Mr Burridge for coffee and dragging him down the pub.

I don't expect the weather to be as good as it was in October (I was so lucky that week) but a week of trudging around Cornwall in the rain seems like a fun thing to do right now. But perhaps I'll not be going quite so near the cliff edges this time.

I return home on Good Friday hopefully arriving around 6 or 7 am... Have sleep then Roger Moore arrives around 2pm. After which a drunken weekend will ensue and I will be in need of another holiday to get over it all.

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