Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Slight change of plan...

After one night in Paignton and a fun day trekking around reclamation yards and taking tea with Nora and Colin... I am now in Plymouth ensconced in North Towers, while Lord North is out at work making the BBC news happen in Devon... Hmmmm now lets take a flick through his record collection. Good Lord there's an album in his vinyl box I have and it's one I really love! And I thought Lord North and I only saw eye to eye on retro Hi-Fi equipment.

I was supposed to be on Bodmin Moor tonight visiting suetekh but the poor love is feeling poorly :-( and bless her she was worried about messing up my plans. Hopefully Sue will be feeling better soon and I can pop by next week some time.

Tomorrow I head west don't have to be at the cottage until 4:30 so I can take my time and do a bit of exploring along the way.

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