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It's 2 am ish, I'm wide awake and I have to be up early. "Arse" exclaimed Pooh.

So what happend today in The Hundred Acre Wood?

Got up, eventually, Angel rang. Very pleased to hear they all got back from Hove safe and sound last night as they presumably drove home along That road. I eventually hauled arse out of the flat and headed over to DIY store, got wall box thing to replace the one I pulled out last night. Also got filler and some John Innes No. 3 compost for spot of gorilla gardening piercedandproud and bird_mad_girl and I have got planned. We are gonna make the world a more beautiful place by planting flowers in weird places.

Later on fitted new box and slapped a bit of filler around it. Had shower in the dark (switches not fitted yet). Went out for a beer with piercedandproud, bird_mad_girl, fatenoir and Ghost Hunter Dave. Must arrange to do beers with GHD on his own then we can talk science fiction to our hearts content. piercedandproud and bird_mad_girl do get this look, like their major intestines are about to leap up through their necks and throttle their brains, when we get started.

Home now wondering if I can slap another layer of filler in the hole around the wall box.... Nope, just went and poked it and my finger sank right in.

I'm off to bed to read, probably for most of the night the way I feel.



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