Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell


At last. I have wanted to watch Arsène Lupin for quite some time. Well two years. Problem 1 it didn't seem to turn up on DVD for ages. Then it was only in French with French subtitles on the French release. So plan B was get the Canadian release. Trouble was I decided to try and watch it on a region 2 DVD player while on holiday. So I end up making a copy of a DVD that I already own 2 legitimate copies of in order to watch this film. Sorry if none of this makes sense but I have had the best part of two bottles of wine while watching this film, and I am making this post on my phone by typing with my thumbs. Typing with one's thumbs is so wrong. So film good with lots of wine. BS region encoding a minor inconvenience easily overcome.

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