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Picked up Moses... he's pretty pissed off about the shaving... I tried to tell him it looks really punk but he gave me a look that I think said "Does this look like a blimmin' Mohican?" well no it doesn't. So if anyone comes to visit in the next few weeks please don't laugh because he's feeling very sensitive about his bald patches.

Mostly good news... No cancer, liver functions good. However he is deaf, and his eyesight ain't too good but he gets about the flat OK. No way I'm letting him out now and he doesn't seem that keen on going out anyway. He does have bowel problems but the vet seems confident that with the right diet he'll be OK.

Cost £836.06 Which was what I had put by to pay my tax in July... Will have to save up for that now... but for piece of mind it's money well spent.

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