Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Later (in about an hour) I should be setting up Uncle Nem's broadband. So if anyone's got any really big files they want to send him... hang on a couple of hours.

Spent half the day going around the shops (well more like dropping any likly place as a passed on my way here and there) looking for a RJ11 cable. I usually buy these on ebay for about £3 including P&P... Today I've seen them for anywhere between £16.99 and £7.99. OK admittedly the more expensive cables did look pretty tough ,so tough They probably would not bend around the corners needed to arrive at the location Unx wants his router and so tough they put too much strain on the sockets. I think they are needlessly over engineered. If I had £16.99 to waste I'd get one and do some speed tests... My guess is they'd make no differance what so ever.

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