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Took six hours to sort out Uncle Nem's broadband. Much waiting around for support and them changing stuff their end... Then we get it all working fine and I think it's an easy job to enable the security... Wrong... Funny thing is the Mac was a lot more compliant and biddable than the PC, usually the Macs play up with me. In the end downloading the latest drivers and changing a couple of default settings sorted things out... Why are some many computer things set to "won't work" as default?

Pretty sure it all stopped working the moment I walked ran out the door.

At least Unx and Bunny P now now that "wireless" is a total lie, because there's a cobweb of cables in their hall and running up the stairs to provide "wireless" broadband ;-)

Came home and and Grish offered wine... I like coming home to free wine :-)

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