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My back still hurts. Tried to ease myself slowly out of bed this morning, in the end I had to just grit my teeth and get up quickly.

Had a night of very strange dreams. At one point I was browsing in an incredible shop. It was full of old warehouse finds, Victorian NOS. Later I was crawling through tunnels, with trapdoors threatening to seal me in forever. Then I was by the side of the road in the USA looking at a sign for a town, and this is weird because I don't remember ever knowing about this place, it was called Towson in Maryland. I just googled it and... yes there it is, a real town in Maryland. This is going to bug me. How did this place end up in my subconscious? I don't remember ever hearing of the town and if I had to list 10 US states I know I wouldn't think of Maryland.

Think I'll go for a walk see if that eases my back.

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