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Best gig of the year!

Wow! What a night! But more of that later...

Dipped into Tweed world this morning, that's a postcard fair for you. Loads of old duffers in Tweed jackets and me (also an old duffer but in a long black coat). Scored loads of postcards of the one and only Edna May (if she were alive she would be 127 this year). Also picked up a few other pix of actresses from about 100 years ago.

Managed to get back just before Uncle Nemesis and Bunny P arrived at my door. After coffee and some brief photoshop work images for a review Unx is writing we jumped into the Batmobile (Nissan Sunny) and headed Northeastish. Found Cambridge just where the map said it would be and found the venue by guess work and a little map reading by Unx.

Surprisingly we were early and were turned away "Psychophile ain't ready", so we headed for a pub picking up extra goth types along the way. So after beers we headed back to see if Psychophile had finished fuc.... err their soundcheck. They had and there was now a small queue shuffling into the venue.

Not a bad little venue (The Boat Race), wish it was my local. First up were Psychophile, no secret I LIKE PSYCHOPHILE! Still trying to get used to the Matless version but it's just as good. New keyboard chap had to pound away with only the one hand tonight as he had apparently broken his arm. But very dashing he looked with a PVC sling. Top marks for not blowing out the gig just because you're unable to use 50% of your fingers, guess it's a good job he's not the guitarist ;-) Lucy's voice was on top form, astounds me how she switches from angelic to demonic vocal all in the space one line. I'm still going "Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!" in my head now. Darn fine set but Lucy must get her skirt to behave it's self ;-)

Next band on SWARF Now I have to own up to a slight prejudice here, I sort of know two thirds of this band and top people they are too. However even if I didn't know them, this is a band I travel a fair distance to see live. If I had enough cash to spare I'd be going to Convergence just to see 'em (donations to the "Send Mark to Canada Fund" can be made in cash only in a plain brown envelope...). I know Liz and Andy may be reading this so I'll save their blushes and say no more.... THEY WERE BLOODY BRILLIANT!

Headline band tonight The Chaos Engine. Now what can I say about these guys that hasn't already been hastily scribbled on to an empty emergency rations packet and thrown into a post apocalyptic wasteland from a concrete bunker? Once again I'm prejudiced, I'm not a "here for the beer punter" where any of tonights bands are concerned. Front man Lee seems possessed on stage. There is some of the weirdest stuff on stage, there is equipment that looks wrought out of scrap metal by some intense genius all ready stomping down the road marked "crazy". I find myself imagining this man has his fridge wired for feedback. I get a lot of thoughts like that when I listen to The Chaos Engine. Also get thoughts like "GRRRR!" and "DOOFFF! DOOFFF!" and "ERRRRKKKK!" Love this band. And even noticed Uncle Nemesis dancing!

Trouble is it was all over too soon :-( could have done with second helpings of each course. Said our good byes and headed home. Poor old Unx fell asleep in the back of the car (all that dancing I guess) while Bunny P and I tried to make sense of the road signs home.

Really should try and get some sleep now... Got to get up soon and take me mum somewhere nice for mothers day. Maybe I should have taken her to tonights gig?

Noah is demolishing a cardboard box in the living room, so I guess he's feeling better :-)

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