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A Recent Game of Mornington Crescent I played over on Face Book

The rules are Popular Beat Variation

Adjudicator – Take your places, Ladies and Gentlemen. Right, Mark, you're to start, please.

Fiona – This one sounded like a cheery game.

Mark – Just tried to familiarise myself with the rules for MC-PBV... Wow! This is like Star Trek 3D Chess compared to the usual variants of MC. I hope you'll indulge any beginners mistakes.

Adjudicator – Don't push your luck, Mark!

Mark – Ooops!

Fiona – I think you should start at the shallow end
Tooting Bec
This is a breeze

Mark – Ah... P.F. Trubshaw's reply to Ted (Winker) Smith's first move in 1938... Of course back then it was Trinity Road. I never thought I see that played in PBV. OK... I know that game by heart... lets see if old Winker's second move holds true in PBF.
Woodside Park

Mark – Did you know that the Trubshaw/Smith game carried on throughout WW2? Trubshaw ended up in a German POW camp after he was shot down on a reconnaissance mission. His moves were smuggled out of the camp and sent to Britain by, ironically, the underground resistance.

Fiona – We are indeed standing on the shoulders of giants. Why did they call him Winker?
Was he a Tiddly Winks champ? Or was there something wrong with his eye?

Mark – He lost it in a fight when an illegal MC game turned nasty. He played a lot of back street MC in the 1920s.
My parent's met at Waterloo... under the clock.

Fiona – How romantic! And the story about your parents meeting under the clock at Waterloo was also romantic.
All Saints
This popular beat combo was an all girl outfit who were inexplicably famous during the last decade of the 20th century.

Mark – I had to google "All Saints".
Waddesdon Manor
I see this game has departed from the Trubshaw/Smith game.

Adjudicator – Mark is now in Spoon.

Fiona – Deviation is the new .. um... demarkation.
York Road
Um.... your go.

Mark – How did I get in Spoon?
Quainton Road

Adjudicator – Watch your diagonals, everyone!

Fiona – I shunted 3 loops on the turn before last. Pay attention!
Abbey Road
Pure pop.

Adjudicator – I think we can allow that.

Mark – I will have to think about this....
High Street Kensington
I used to like Kensington Market.

Fiona – While you are busy day dreaming about buying antiques on Kensington market I will sneak in and do this
Old Street
Ta daaa !!!

Adjudicator – That puts Fiona in knip.

Fiona – oh

Mark – Enough of this banter... let's get serious...

Mark – OK so still in spoon.

Fiona – Which leaves me with no option.
East India
I've done it before and I'll do it again.

Adjudicator – Don't push your luck, Fiona!

Mark – You're crazy! That's not just walking the edge, that's doing handstands on it.... Well two can play at that game....

Fiona – I've got to hand it to you Mark.Never in my wildest dreams....*speechless*
Marble Arch
Do the decent thing... make it quick and clean.

Mark – Very well...
Mornington Crescent

Adjudicator – Mark Rimmell is the winner!

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