Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Staunton Virginia

Last weeks trip to Virginia has further tempted me to travel by train around the USA.

This little station, open one hour a day (closed on Tuesdays), at Staunton intrigued me. Perhaps it's because the line curves into and out of town, giving a "What's around the bend?" feeling.

If you arrive at the station at 4pm on Monday expect your next train on Wednesday.

Step off the train and you're in the heart of town. Antique stores a plenty.

I quite fancy buying one of these and living in it.
I've had a soft spot for Chessie because of the logo.

Kitten asleep on a pillow.

Saw this wonderful machine in the basement of an Antique store in town. I would of loved it but getting it home may have proved a little difficult. I guess it weighs about 100 lbs.
The store itself was quite amazing. It had been a hardware store and slowly the junk antiques seem to have taken over but here and there were still old items of hardware and equipment from the days when the Waltons would of shopped here.


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