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For A Few Dollars More

4:20am and I can't sleep... Got all worked up trying to send myself some money. Who would of thought it would be so difficult? Don't want to trust my credit card to an ATM (cash point) because if for some reason it decides to eat the card I'm screwed. This happened to me whist away from home in the UK once and in the end I had to take a day out from my holiday drive 500 miles, round trip, back to my home and go to my local branch to sort it out and be told a branch in Cornwall could of sorted it out even though the branch in Cornwall said "nope sent your card to Twickenham, can't help." So popping home few a few $s not an option when I'm 5000 miles from Twickers.

I thought the best thing to do would be Western Union... LOL What a fiasco. Tried doing it over the phone using credit card. I've done this to send money to the US before. However it seems various security measures prevent me sending money to myself when in the US. Ari has sent money to herself when she's been in the UK, but it seems you have to be out of the country you're sending to to send the money to yourself. I even called the WU help desk... I swear they were using a voice disguising effect... More security? Even with the distortion on the line I could hear the incredulity in the agent's voice (if not what he was actually saying), when I asked how I could send $s to myself on an international CC whilst in the US. In the end I gave up banging my head against that wall.

In the end I sent the money to Ari's paypal account and she'll get it paid into her bank account so all being well I'll have some more spending money by Wednesday. And I have my eye on a little toy to bring home...

I'm all wound up now and won't be able to sleep for ages. It wasn't the worry about the money it was the frustration of lack of information, getting part way through a process before being told "Nope can't do that".

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