Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Woke up at 6:30 this morning. Thought "good, I'll have the whole day to get on with the painting". Wrong! By 9 am I felt like I the non duracell bunny and was crawling back into bed. Around lunch time I woke up to the phone ringing, it was Neil... "Hi" say I "where are you?"
"At your back door" says Neil "Do you want breakfast?" What made him think I'd only just got up? I find a dressing gown and let him in. Get dressed and we head to the cafe.

Neil has cool looking Celtic coins with him. And we talk about coins and dies and what sort of gold was used for Iron Age coins. He has really got the silver ones looking real. Luckily there are design differences so they can't be passed off as real ones. Mind you there are some really crap forgeries that turn up on ebay. But Neil isn't interested in making forgeries he's just working out how they were made in the Iron Age. And for my money he's worked it out.

I have to get my life in order after our midday breakfast and that involves taking back library books. Pleased I went up to the library as there's a new copy of Macromedia Flash MX for Win-d'oh-s & Mac VQG. Snap that up quick and we head to second cafe of the day for coffee.

Eventually I feel awake enough to head back to my place and do a few up dates to Neil's Web site .

Later I did more painting... I'm really fed up with painting the hall. It's not that big. Why is it taking so long? I still have 8 doors to varnish in the hall. How does a 2 bedroom flat end up with so many doors?

Marcus surfaced tonight. Seems his phone has been switched off. He tried to persuade me to go to the pub but lack of funds and a desire to FINISH THIS BLOODY HALL prevented me from joining him at a local hostelry. It seems Marcus is now a singer in a band and they are playing a gig soon. I hope I can get along to this. With any luck it'll be while RJ is down and we can both go.

Was going to go up to London early tomorrow but remembered I'll be lugging my costume for the Victorian Murder Mystery around with me all day... Hmmm... Unless I wear it. Nah!


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