Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

A little bit worried...

I am a little worried because Dr Paul and Adrienne have disappeared off the radar screen. I have had a text or two from Adrienne since I left them in Charlottesville, but I couldn't deduce which country they came from. They were due to fly to the UK on the Sunday after I left... but did they go?

Another mystery is LJ seems to have lost the write-up I did about my visit to Charlottesville, there were photos of Mr Bear, a lamp, warnings against the misuse of alcohol, another lamp, back pain, good food and wonderful company, I glossed over the bit about a duck in the night, and some there may have been Victorian stereoscopic erotica.

There is the distinct possibility I wrote the thing added the pictures and failed to save it, I was very tired... Or Dr Paul and Adrienne have been abducted by space aliens and all trace off them is being erased. I guess if this post gets through I can junk that theory.




Did you get away?

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