Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Why I don't like modern cars.

When I got my latest car I struggled to find one without electric windows. Manufacturers love piling in all sorts of extras that are fine while they work and a pain in the bum when they go wrong... and go wrong they do. I have become very familiar with the insides of the doors on previous cars because of electric windows, and extremely proficient at taking off the door panels to fix the se labour saving devices... Ah happy hours of fun.

Now I find some gadget happy fool designed my car with electric headlight adjusters. Which have gone wrong. 6 weeks of sitting doing nothing seems to have confused some circuit and the lights are happily adjusting themselves at random to the sound of whirring motors. What, I ask you, was wrong with the old method of adjusting headlights with a screwdriver?

That is it!

Next car is going to be pre 1973.

I guess I should give the Rover a pat for starting first time after sitting for 6 weeks.

I waited to see if the lights would stop moving of their own accord, eventually they did and didn't seem to be pointing at the sky or likely to blind oncoming drivers. So I took the the car for a midnight spin to hunt down some petrol, having been given the heads up of impending tanker strike... Unfortunately my panic petrol buying kit is in the storage unit. I knew I shouldn't of given those home brew beer barrels away.

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