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Half the weekend

Quick update on what I've been up to.


Decided to try and get switches fitted in the hall. I had become just a little fed up with washing, bathing, showering (and other things one does in the bathroom) in the dark. So during the course of the afternoon the hall light switch situation went from this... this..

...then this..

Then finished and I can finally see what I'm doing in both ends of the hall and the bathroom.

I also wire up the switch down the other end of the of the hall so I can switch the end light off and on from either end of the hall. I then get to pick up all the newspaper from one end of the hall because that end is finished. It felt quite good to think that end of the hall was finished.

I had my first shower in ages where I could see what I was washing. Then headed off to Twickers to get some food and drink for the evening's festivities.

The evening's festivities started in The Lyceum public house on the Strand. Where I met ian_wyrdness for a couple of cold bottles of porter... LOOK IT'S NOT HARD! PORTER DOES NOT GO IN THE FRIDGE. Ian tried explaining as had I earlier but the staff just look at you like you're mad. Guess we are lucky in this age of crap beer that anyone serves porter, but PLEASE don't put it in the fridge, it looses it's taste.

After a few bottles of porter we moved on to the very excellent's Treadwell's bookshop where this evening's divertissement is being held. A Victorian Murder Mystery is held in the basement. I having being cast as one of a lower order find my acting skill stretched almost to breaking point. I play the gardner I based my look on Clive Dunn and I think I kind of pulled it off as can be seen below.

Clive Dunn singing his rock and roll classic "Grandad" on Top of The Pops.

From left to right Ian as Lord Blenkinsop, Me as Daniel Worsley (gardner) Clive Dunn or what?, Gemma as Martha Dooley (maid).

Ian played the drunken Lord Blenkinsop so well I did worry that he was going to try and drive back from the tube station where he had left his car. There was much intrigue and after a few deals I was pretty rich... Then I lost all my money and when we teamed up we got the wrong perp. In fact I think we were the only team to get it wrong "D'oh!" But it was loads of fun and much thanks goes out to Ella for organising it. I think I caused a bit of a surprise when I changed to leave and reviled the length of my hair which had been tucked down my tweed jacket all night.

Headed home and after the usual faffing around at Waterloo station got on a train the promised to get me home, which much to my surprise it did.

Got in and checked my email... Yay! An email from Ari has arrived, it's a nice long one so I print it off and take it to bed to read.

Had a really strange dream about WGW. I was in Whitby the Spa had changed and looked more like a cross between the inside of Kensington Market in 1985, Terminal 1 at Heathrow airport, and Bentalls in Kingston. It gets stranger... uncle_nemesis and I were racing leather armchairs down Flowergate. There was some sort of sub plot about a belly dancer doing back flips on Whitby roofs too but that was just too weird.

Sleep in really late, it's nearly 2 pm by the time I get up. Had meant to go down to the farmers market this morning but the farmers will be all packed up and gone home by now.

I potter around the flat take a long look at the main bedroom which looks like a workshop right now. uncle_nemesis calls and lets me know he has something for me. I eventually head over to see him, after briefly catching up with missjinny via msn. Some how I didn't get to pick up the Leeds tickets or find out much about the Leeds trip. But as can be seen below Unx has told me all I need to know.

Very busy day tomorrow getting flat all sorted for next week. So I'm heading for a hot bath and a few hours reading.


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