Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Back from Wiltshire...

Panic ensued last night after Grish was sticking her fingers into the power sockets and plunging half of Twickenham into darkness. At least she now knows how to change a fuse.

Left my car with Kevan. I was right it's the head gasket and the radiator is on it's way out too. At least I have a little loaner car to run about in while my cars being done.

In other news...
Tax is due next month, so is the service charge, I was going to pay off my credit card which took a beating in the US.... however what with the car, tax, and money I owe for work done here and there, I may have to hold back on that idea until I have a better idea what all the above is going to cost.

Going down to Cornwall next month leave on the 9th, hope to spend a couple of days in Devon then cross the border into Cornwall on the 11th. Hmmm... must check to see if Sue can put me up... if not I can head down earlier. Seems I will be doing a spot of dog sitting as well as recording a few tracks for woodlandguy. I had better ask how far Neil's dog can walk... not carrying the dog home, not even a wee one like Henry.

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