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Yesterday I...

Went to treadwells for a book launch party (Aishling Morgan's Portrait of a Disciplinarian). The readings were hilarious... But I was mostly there to catch up with Christina, which isn't easy in a busy bookshop. Note to Christina Coffee in Richmond soon!

Moved on to The Dev... Which maybe my last visit there for a while. Is there anything more lame than football graffiti? Apart from football graffiti in a toilet perhaps? And when did punks become so shallow? I didn't fight running battles with teddy boys 30 years ago to have some sneering johnny come lately little oik telling me how to dress. It's sad but it seems most of what's left of the punk movement these days is a bunch of chavs in fancy dress.

So ignoring the little twerp by the bar (who only succeeded in amusing me, I actually looked down at him and laughed) I wandered over and talked to jools42 ... Then [info]The Witch of Pinkness arrived, closely followed by just about everyone arrived including dave_morrison , grenouille morbide...

Moved onto the Ballroom to be greeted by Natasha bounding across the dance floor to give me a hug. Sorry Natasha, I couldn't hear a word you were saying.

It was a strange evening, I really wasn't in party mood, mostly due to the fact it's the 3rd anniversary of my father's death today. Strangely it is the 4th anniversary of moses_the_cat coming to live with me. Anyway there I was 3 years on, in a night club, remembering sitting by my father's bed for 13 hours watching him slowly ebb away. It seems like a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm that reads back as far more melancholic than I feel.

Looking forward to getting down to Cornwall next week.

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