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This quote from the Viacom website gave me a laugh

A strong connection to our audiences is what sets us apart from other companies.

...and if you are a youtube user they will soon know your viewing habits, where you work, and what you did last summer. They will even be able to point you out in the street... Just how strong a connection do they want t make?

I can now reveal Viacom's evil plans... once armed with your personal information, agents acting for the media giant will seek out your pets and children, identifying them from those videos you posted on youtube. Holding camps are already being built in a disused Paramount studio lot. Your loved ones will be held as bargaining chips until you have repaid the all lost revenue. You may have thought showing your co-worker that old Star Trek clip during the lunch break was harmless fun, and he did tell you he went onto Amazon and bought the Star Trek box set because of it... Well those few seconds of free, so called "harmless" fun cost! They add up and have allegedly cost Viacom one billion dollars... And now it's payback time.

They know you like watching videos of kittens!

I note that since I started writing this the hit rate for the term "Boycott Viacom" on Google has jumped from 2,010 to 2,080
Hmmm... make that 2,081 now I've posted this.


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