Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Trip down to Devon very wet. At one point on the A303 there was a truck coming from the opposite direction flashing his headlights. Obviously warning of something he'd just passed. I slowed down, much to the annoyance of the idiot behind me who got as close to my back bumper as he dared and started jockeying for a chance to overtake. Just round the the bend there was boat half off it's trailer with one of the wheels missing. The fool behind me realised what was going on and pulled back behind me just in time.

Otherwise the trip was OK. Listened to the Radio 4 Heather Couper history of astronomy series my digital radio has been recording for me these last few weeks. Very good.

Arrived at Nora's very tired. Revived with coffee.

Tomorrow I may partake of the pleasures of Paignton leisure centre or I may sleep... we'll see.

If the rain keeps up I may have to re think some of the weeks activities.

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