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Many, many hours ago I got up (7:30 am) and drove into London. Parked in my usual, free on Saturdays spot (No not tell where. It's mine all mine I tell you). Would loved to have been able to go via public transport, however carrying too much, stuff, coming home after trains stop.

Met Ian in cafe for breakfast (black coffee, egg and chips) Worked out Ian only took 15 mins to get to cafe, guess that's down to him being on Ducati rather than Datsun.

Wandered around computer fairs marveling at how fast and cheap stuff is now (apart from RAM which seems to have doubled in price since I last purchased some!).

Tried to buy minidisc recorder, but in typical British manner I'm told "Nah mate not with digital out." then asked "What do you want digital out for anyway?".

Then proceeded to friend Demetra's abode, to put up mirror & cupboard, fill holes in walls. Rewarded for DIY skills with much food, haircut and much dying of hair by the very talented Sandy . Left for home around 3:30 am. Where did the day go?

Checked email, to find message from liz_lowlife urging me, in the politest manner possible, to make use of the livejournal code she had so kindly generated for me. So here I am.

Now I really must get some sleep.....................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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