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Up date on Tuesday's activities

I'm trying hard to remember what happened on Tuesday morning... No lost it.

I remember going up to the Post Office to get the packaging and cyberdog skirt weighed for ebay listing. See it here if you want to bid.

Very strange chap at the post office but it does seem to be a job that people go mad in.

I put the packing, skirt and a sheet of paper on the scales.

Mark "How much to send this international recorded to the USA"

Mr Post office "£6"

Mark "OK and how much for recorded ..."

Mr Post office "That is for recorded"

Mark as politely as possible "No... If you'd let me finish. How much for recorded delivery..."

Mr Post office "I told you THAT IS for recorded"

Mark still not loosing his cool "Please let me finish. How much for recorded delivery in the UK"

Mr Post office "Ah! that will be ..."

There was a lot more to it than that there was also added confusion because the item was outside of the packing and I really don't want to try and explain all that here. However... Why do I always have to explain myself over and over again just to find out the simplest bit of information? I'm getting some scales so I can work this all out at home.

RJ arrived after lunch and soon we headed into London to meet Professor T at the Museum Tavern...

We talked about Roman villas, lardy cake, various sorts of eggs we had eaten... All too soon Professor T had to leave and some how RJ and I ended up in the Dev in Camden.

Being a Tuesday the place wasn't exactly Rockin'. We stayed till closing time then headed back to Waterloo.

Got in and checked email. Had an excellent story from Ari, which was so funny I was in tears. Had to ring and tell her there and then... So some time around 2am I hung up and looked at the clock... How long were we talking? Sorry if I went waffling on too long.

This morning way too bright and way too early Neil arrived to pick up a video of him bronze casting and gold working to take to show Channel 5 for some archeology programme they want him for.

RJ and I feeing somewhat the worse for wear... Headed down to the cafe for a big fried breakfast to cure hangovers. Strange because I didn't feel that drunk last night.

Tonight's festivities may include a trip to Chiswick but I think I'll drive tonight and stick to lemonade... Agh! My head hurts. I'm never drinking again... Yeah right!


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