Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Where were we?

RJ's staying and dragging me down into the sordid underworld of the big city... Well we've been done the pub a bit.

Wednesday I was just a little hung over. Really fragile actually. At some point during the day I passed out and had to try and sleep in the afternoon. I say "tried" as I had a visit form some buffoon soon after I had gone to sleep. Another of those fools trying to get me to sign over to a different electricity company. These gits turn up with a gas cupboard key, ID card, torch asking to see your meter then try to get you to sign over to the other company. I was having none of it and told him "I don't discuses business on the doorstep, please ask your company to put any offer in writing. Good day sir". I then returned to bed.

RJ Had gone out shopping and returned later with a cocreate head, when the electric company buffoon arrived again, this time at the back door. This time I strung him along a little before telling him to sling his hook. We decided to head over to Chiswick for a beer and some Taiwanese food with piercedandproud / bird_mad_girl and The Ghost Hunter (I've decided to call Ghost Hunter Dave, "The Ghost Hunter" as it gives him a more serious comic book sort of name). We didn't last the course of the evening as we were both recovering from the previous evening's festivities. We arrived home and tried to watch the Tomorrow People DVDs The Ghost Hunter had provided. However we both passed out. I woke up and decided as I was awake I'd try and retire to my room and leave RJ to the sofa.


Had weird dream about having a VW trike that didn't steer too well due to it's solid plastic front wheel, Angel was also there on some really weird 1920s bike with open rockers that sprayed grease and oil all over her as she rode it. I was taking my trike to have a better front wheel fitted by the chap who used to work on my old Beetle. Then I woke up...
RJ's a postman so getting up at 8am feels like a lay in to him. So when I heard someone walking about the flat after momentarily thinking I must have burglars I decided to get up. Some how we decided to go up to London and visit the National Gallery with a break for a Chinese lunch and then on to the The Petrie Museum. Which we did and very fine it was too. I've been trying to get to the The Petrie Museum for ages and previously it's been closed every time I've tried to visit this time we got in. Loads of fine Egyptian gubbins.

We then moved on through a succession of public houses chosen for their architecture or atmosphere:

The Ship & Shovell

The Sherlock Holmes

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Old Bell Tavern

The Blackfriar

Then home for pie and chips.


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