Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Today I am sorting out my half dead Raid external drive. One drive went poot while I was in Cornwall. And when I took the thing apart I find it has two Deskstars... Deskstars are only drives I've ever had go poot on me. Apparently since Hitachi took over the manufacture of the Deathstar they are much better, I'm not seeing much improvement in reliability. Right now I'm formatting the 1st of two Maxtors I'm going to replace them with. I may also make a couple of changes to the enclosure. Good grief formatting 500Gb via USB takes a long time!

Then at the other end of my skills ladder...
I set some rocks into the ground to make a sort of edge where Grish parks her bike, then with the left over cement I repaired the down pipe gully. This has been missed in every bit of maintenance the managing agents have undertaken in the last 20 years. It was even included in a couple of estimates. I've pointed it out at least 4 times to them, but never really chased them up on it because I figured I could fix it should it become a problem. It has become a problem and I fixed it for about £1.50 Which is at least 100th the cost of getting the managing agents to do it.

Tomorrow I have a little trip to get a 1930s 9.5mm projector... Errr... hang on didn't I do that yesterday?

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