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Rather a good weekend... and got some stuff done today too.

Weekend started at the Electric Ballroom with a pounding soundtrack. RJ put in his once a decade appearance at the Ballroom.

Saturday night was rather fun, in a too much to drink sort of way. RJ and Emma and I demolished 5 bottles of wine at Pinkwitch Towers.

Sunday I was feeling a little run down...

Today I dismantled some steel shelves in my bedroom and moved my filing cabinet out into the hall... No easy task! It involved blood letting, a few strong words, taking everything out moving it and then put everything back... while my tax files were out I decided to call my accountant and see if he could fit me in next week. I always get very nervous when I call my accountant, I live in fear that he'll of retired. I need not of worried he was at his desk and I'm seeing him on the 12th.

This evening popped in to see Dave then on to a Doctor Who night at Louis.

Home now and wide awake due to too much coffee. I guess it's too late at night to start taking another set of steel shelves apart?

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