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Time for bed....

Monday... Got up early, woken by postman bringing me Meltdown T-shirt (thanks Natasha)and DVD. Put coat on to reach round the door for parcels suddenly remembered Ian was staying so quickly went and found something to wear. Then noticed spare room door open and Ian gone. Then noticed hangover... Ouch! No more beer for me ever again.

Watched half of DVD, went back to bed. Got up around 3. Tried ringing Jane to apologise about last nights text message. She wasn't bothered, hadn't found it offensive, didn't really know what I was on about. Beer makes me paranoid. Worked on Meltdown Web site, nothing special just tinkered with the old one to get it up on to it's own domain and off of Angelfart.

Neil came over and we worked on his Web site until 10pm. Up loaded That. Did some more work on Meltdown site. Then had an idea for Neil's site and did that. Went on-line and suffered repeated attempts to gain access to my PC probably by some little script kiddy, then the firewall went down! Decided it was time to try ZoneAlarm Pro, or am I still being paranoid.

Installed ZA Pro... It's now 5am and I'm going to bed.

Noah has made a remarkable recovery and seems better than he was before he was ill. He's been charging around the flat all night.

Must go out during the day some time this week.

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