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Quick update yer LJ before you forget what's been happening.


Got up hideously early and drove over to my parents. Had breakfast with them then took mum to Dr's for blood tests. Left mum in waiting room and dashed over to bank to pay off credit card bill.... BIG weight off my mind and I'm free of debt apart from my mortgage. Quick scout round the charity shops and I find a Cure cassette for 50p. Head back to Dr's pick up mum and we head off to shops to stock mum and dad up with food.

I head home in the afternoon half planning to go up to Camden in the evening. It didn't happen RJ and I end up in Twickenham for Friday night starting off with a curry then head down the road I take a look in the Fox, nope they have television on, The Eel Pie nope they have TV on too. In the end we end up at the Muddy Duck (White Swan) which also has a TV on but if you hide round the back you can pretend it's not there. Halfway through the evening it almost seemed like a fight broke out in the front bar. RJ and I were up and ready to leave by the nearest window in a split second, but it turned out to be a fire extinguisher falling off the wall and going off and people trying to get out of the way of a soaking.


Had planned to get up around 11ish but Bunny P phoned to say she was heading down to Twickers Farmers market and would we like to meet her there. We headed down eventually met Bunny and went for a coffee. We then headed up to London to meet RJ's young lady (Emma), at the Museum Tavern...

It's almost like the Museum Tavern is my local these days. After a very enjoyable afternoon Emma had to head home and RJ headed off to meet someone else, Bunny and I headed for a quick snack further down in Museum Street then wandered back towards Waterloo via the National Film Theater for a coffee. Which reminds me I've just rejoined the NFT as they are showing my all time favourite vampire film next month (Dance of The Vampires) as part of a Polanski season... But it's already sold out :-( This keeps happening so I've rejoined so I can book a bit further ahead in future. I got this film on VHS, DVD, VCD but never seen it on the big screen. It's simply the best looking vampire film ever made.

Saturday night I wrote an email to Ari and I'm quaking in my boots lest she now thinks I'm completely off my rocker.


Today is mother's day. So I surprise me ma with the gift of a fig tree. It's also my mum's birthday this week so she gets spoilt all over again in a few days. Tree delivered and coffee drunk I head home via Uncle Nem and Bunny P's place. Unx is out but Bunny is in and soon I'm sitting on the sofa with a mug of coffee. Hearing all about their new water tank Unx is going to put in the loft and use the old one as a header tank to his garden irrigation system. Bunny has no idea where Unx is but he eventually arrives home and greets me with his usual "What's he doing here?". We talk about Leeds trip (I get issued with further instructions and tickets), old goth bands (Unx has a box of old goth band demo tapes and we listen to all sorts of old stuff best forgotten). Bunny cooks a fine veg thing, I find I like pickled garlic. I couldn't stay all night as I had to get back here and at least make an attempt to hang the kitchen door. It got as far as being propped up and, as I can't find the hinges, there it stands.

So tonight's plan is to sit on the sofa with a glass of brandy in one hand and a book in the other.

Oh yes... Remember I'm building a 1930s looking computer? Well I just won this on ebay.


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