Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Today we visited St Benet's Abbey. Someone decided to slap a windmill right in the middle of what was left of the 14th Century gate house in the 18th century. This would be like like putting a wind turbine on top of Saint Paul's cathedral today.

Not much wind today so we had to use the engine more than we liked. Had to lower the mast to get under a bridge. The mast came down a lot easier then it went back up. People in front of up used a pilot but we thought "bugger that" and took it through. We hadn't known we needed a pilot to go under it the when we went under it the day before and there was a good twelve inches clearance anyway.

Moored up for the night now and typically the wind is getting up.

Now if I just knew what happened to my trousers that Sue took in for me I'd be happy. I hope the Royal Mail hasn't lost 'em.


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