Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I'm becoming nocturnal again. This is no use if I want to get on with the bedroom, I can't really use power tools at 3 am... or knock a few nails in either... Hmmm Maybe I should move to the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors then I can work at any time. Well apart from my really loud experiments ;-)

Didn't really get much done today. Did the frame for Angel's prototype kitchen cabinet door... That's looking good. Hung my own kitchen door and..... took it off again. Tried to recess hinges and found the 1 inch chisel's blunt, no problem I think I'll put an edge on that. Wrong! The cheap steel won't hold an edge, it's only fit for opening paint tins.

So I moved on to dying my favourite shirt. It's still missing a button... Do I replace all the buttons or have one odd one? I leave that problem for now and re dye two shirts together... Goths don't do grey.

Heard from Yan today. He popped up on MSN. And said he was "well". I guess that's not bad for a bloke who dropped dead earlier this year.


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