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We're Back! ... Briefly

Just got back to Pinkwitch Towers.

I feel really odd... the room keeps moving up and down. The first half an hour of driving seemed incredibly fast after 3 days of sailing along at walking pace.

Right now we need to:
Get clean (really, really need to get clean, I feel like I have half the Norfolk Broads in my hair ).
Unpack all the boat stuff.
Have a cup of tea.
Head off to Miller Castle.

Only trouble is... I need to pop home to see what's going on with the case of the missing trousers. This is a parcel, that should of arrived on Friday, containing two pairs of trousers that Sue took up for me.

I think there is a:
40% chance the parcel was taken in by the neighbours.
30% chance the postman didn't put a card through the door.
20% chance it's been lost by the Royal Mail.
05% chance Grish missed the card.
05% chance it's on the doorstep (I've had recorded delivery left on the doorstep before).

First person to leave the correct solution as a comment to the case of the missing trousers, gets a mystery prize.

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