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I'm home.

Totally knackered. But had a wonderful time. The Witch of Pinkness seems to have had a good time too.

New tent worked out really well, Ideal for luxury camping. Amused to have Grish tell me all about "real" camping when I got home. And I agree "real camping isn't campsites with all the amenities. So I have three words in reply "Bodmin Moor, February".

Anyway really enjoyed the weekend. Need to dry out the tent due to it deciding to rain on the last day. Quite how, where and when I can dry it is a bit of a puzzle due to me rushing off to do some "real" camping in my small tent on Bodmin. But dry it I must and it won't fit anywhere I can think of.

In other news the muscle pain I have isn't going away... I have a sneaking suspicion I may have cracked a rib or two when I literally ROTFL when at Jem & Jo's a couple of weeks ago... Jo only has to say "round word" in a Dutch accent and I start to lose it again. I'll see how I feel after Swordfest and go see the doctor if the pain is still there.

Photos of Wadfest may be posted soon... One at least is destined to become a LJ userpic.

Off to bed now...

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